1 październik 2010

Announcement of an open tender
Purchaser: BRIDGESTONE POZNAŃ Spółka z o.o.
61-017 Poznan, ul. Bałtycka 65,
NIP 782-10-52-334, REGON 631164894
KRS 0000003456
Contact person: Tomasz Zabłocki tel. 061 873 4119 fax. 061 873 4091
would like to announce written open tender for
Conveyor system expansion
All contractors willing to participate in the tender must contact the above mentioned person in order to provide the information and receive detailed guidance on the method and conditions of participation to the tender as this notice is initial information only.


  • Design of conveyor system for transport of passenger car tires, including drawings of new layout.
  • Installation of new conveyors
  • Integration of new conveyors into the existing system
  • Modification and use of existing conveyors
  • Re-positioning of production machinery linked by the conveyors
  • Installation of new production machinery, and connection to conveyors system
  • Connection and integration of existing installed equipment into new conveyor system
  • Change of the operating logic to implement the necessary functions using Rockwell Automation devices
  • Preparation of complete set of updated documentation for the conveyor system
  • Installation of necessary Safety devices and mechanisms.
Detailed technical specifications along with the complete material of the tender will be send to interested contractors after declaration of confidentiality is signed by authorized representatives and returned to Bridgestone Poznan Sp. z o.o. 
Delivered solution must be designed, installed and made available in full compliance with relevant EU Directives and Polish Law.


  • After declared interest, the package of documents, with rules related to selection of participants who would receive full technical specification, will be delivered to interested parties. 
  • Deadline for declaration of accession and documents proving eligibility to receive full technical specification must be provided by interested parties by – 11.10.2010
  • Sending of questions related to the specification – 6.10.2010 till 16.10.2010
  • Explanation of technical details of specification based on questions from potential suppliers  15.10.2010 till 25.10.2010
  • Explanation will be conducted by e-mail with all potential bidders receiving same answers.
    All parties who receive full technical specification are eligible to submit the offer.
  • Deadline for submission of offers - 28.10.2010. 12:00 noon
    Offers must be delivered in sealed envelopes by courier mail to Bridgestone Poznań sp. Z o.o.

Bridgestone Poznań sp. z o.o. reserves the right to reject all offers, or conduct negotiations with best offerents.
Selection of the successful bidder will take place not later than                 - 30.11.2010 
Preliminary schedule of works:
Preparation works: 
  • Step1 23.12.2010 – 26.12.2010
  • Step2 03.01.2011 – 30.01.2011
Main installation:
  • Stage1 15.02.2011 – 31.10.2011
  • Stage2 02.07.2012 – 20.08.2012
  • Stage3 02.07.2013 – 20.08.2013
3. Conditions of eligibility to receive full technical specification.

Bridgestone Poznań sp. z o.o. will send full technical specification to companies who can prove :
            - sound financial position, based on confirmed information from company bank
- experience in installing and modifying equipment for the tire or package handling industry (at least 3 projects for the total value of minimum €300.000)


Bridgestone Poznań sp. z o.o. shall choose from among submitted offers the most economical bid on the basis of evaluation of criteria.
  • price of the system and conditions of after installation service,
  • conformity with technical specification,
  • experience in installing and modifying equipment for the tire or package handling industry,
  • experience in design, manufacture and installation of conveyor system in tire or package handling industry
  • time of delivery (compliance with proposed detail installation schedule),
  • terms of quality assurance, including the warranty period more than the required minimum. 
If the Tenderer decides to close tender without selection of any offer, in particular if the conditions of offered work differ from the expectations of the Tenderer, the Tenderer may choose not to select any of the participants and enter into negotiations with bidders who had the best balance of the above criteria.
Bridgestone Poznan Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to cancel the tender without giving any particular reason.