22 lipiec 2010

Poznań, 22 lipca 2010
Announcement of an open tender
Purchaser: BRIDGESTONE POZNAŃ Spółka z o.o.
ul. Bałtycka 65,
61-017 Poznan,
NIP 782-10-52-334,REGON 631164894, KRS 0000003456
Contact person:
Patryk Matanda tel. 061 873 4492 fax. 061 873 4091
would like to announce written open tender for
Automatic sorting and palletizing system
All contractors willing to submit the offer in the tender must contact the above mentioned person in order to obtain the information and receive detailed guidance on the method and conditions of accession to the tender as this notice is initial information only.


  • Gantry robot module system
  • 30000 units per day capacity with one module down
  • Palletizing function within gantry module
  • Pallet transfer 
  • Pallet destacker
  • Labeling pallet conveyor
  • Control system and Management software to interface with Bridgestone information system
  • Safety devices
  • System compliance with EU Directions and Polish Law
  • Installation (electrical &mechanical) 
Detailed technical specifications along with the complete material necessary to submit the offer will be send to interested contractors after declaration of confidentiality is signed by authorized representatives and returned to Bridgestone Poznan Sp. z o.o.


Deadline for declaration of accession - 30.07.2010
Deadline to submit the offers - 19.08.2010. 12:00 AM
Explanation of technical details of proposed offers to tender - 20.08.2010 till 27 .08.2010
Selection of the successful bidder - 30.08.2010 
Installation of the machines is possible to start not earlier than 15.02.2011
Conculsion and delivery of sorting conveyor before 01.04.2011
Completion of delivery and installation of whole system 25.07.2011
Full production running through the system 31.07.2011


Purchaser shall choose from among submitted offers the best one on the basis of evaluation of criteria. Purchaser considers the balance of the following criteria to choose the best offer:
  • price of the system and conditions of after installation service,
  • conformity with technical specification,
  • optimum tire loading performance,
  • experience in installing and modifying of equipment for the tire or packet handling industry,
  • experience in production and delivery of sorting systems,
  • capacity of proposed sorting system (number of units, number of types of units handled),
  • experience in working with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,
  • time of delivery (supplier to define the shortest possible delivery time),
  • terms of quality assurance, including the warranty period more than the required minimum. 
If the Purchaser decides to close tender without selection of any offer, in particular if the conditions of offered work differ from the expectations of the Purchaser, the Purchaser may decide not to choose any of the offers and enter into negotiations with bidders who had the best balance of the above criteria.
Bridgestone Poznan Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to cancel the tender without giving any particular reason